After a few words, I will attach a link to an article I just read.  It is an announcement related to a US News and World Report evaluation of popular meal patterns.  Researchers and nutrition experts evaluated the quality of  several meal patterns or diets in regards to their overall nutrition value, their use in weight control or loss, their impact on health and how easy it is to adopt the particular style of eating/cooking in the short and long terms. 
   I am partial to the Mediterranean pattern which is plant/fish and healthy oil based.  It scored well in regards to improving ones health.  I am also a constant promoter of Volumetrics which was only noted for weight loss, which is not why I endorse it.  I do so because it focuses on low energy density which is a recommendation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  You will see below that Volumterics is dinged for requiring extra preparation time.  I remind you that I dedicate a You Tube channel to debunking that myth!  The reporter should have interviewed me.  
   Lastly, I have consistently stated that the tenets of Weight Watchers and the results of the program participants are to be lauded.  And today it sits on the top of the list of best diets!
Weight Watchers (3.8 stars) -- The diet plan uses a points system to help people lose weight and keep it off. Weight Watchers beat other diet plans for both short-term and long-term weight loss in experts’ ratings.

 Volumetrics (3.4 stars) -- The diet is based on eating foods that are low in calories and high in volume to help people feel full while losing weight. It got high marks for nutrition, but the diet requires lengthy meal preparation.   
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