The commercial calls Florida OJ 100% healthy.  That is an incorrect or inaccurate statement.  Let me tell you why (and it is NOT because its from Florida).
   Orange juice is not a fruit - it is classified as a juice and more importantly as a sugar sweetened beverage.  When researchers or nutritionists are conducting dietary assessments and the person they are interviewing says that they had a glass of orange juice, the reviewer puts a check in the box next to sugar sweetened beverage.  If the same person says that they had an orange, the reviewer would check the box for a serving of fruitWe are encouraged to have 3-5 servings of fruit a day and less than one serving of SSB a WEEK.
   So whether its Florida sunshine (oj) or a juice that claims to have 50 less calories, it is still classified as a sugar sweetened beverage.  It gets counted just like a sugary soda.  Fruit juice is unnecessary. (and unhealthy with a possible exception for tomato juice)
  Eat your nutrients and drink water (or alcohol - ha ha, in moderation of course and only if you are a person without alcohol risks factors).