I think the Odds and Ends post may be retiring. This pains me because at least two of my dearest friends seem to like them most of all.  I am contemplating this change because I have been reviewing the analytics - who reads which blog posts - and not many people who don't know me are reading the odds and ends.  I think that  main theme posts are more popular.  Also, my school work and Mon/Tues class prep are demanding a bit more of my time (of course this should be so - it is a doctorate program after all!).
      I do a few tidbits for today
Shirataki Shout Out  In the current nutrition action newsletter from CSPI, my favorite non flour noodles are highlighted.  Shirataki noodles are made from tofu and are calorically dilute.  They meet the definition for a very low calorie food.  You can use them in stir fry meals - hot or cold - and make them into Italian dishes.  You can search for shirataki recipes on my You Tube channel.   I did spell it wrong on the channel so click here to find the recipes.
Bojangles on Campus - The students at my University say that there should not be a fast food restaurant on the first floor of one of the residence dorms.  Still - the restaurant does occupy such a space and as I cycled by today at around 1 pm, I noticed a crowd of people waiting to be served. Money Talks!  That restaurant isn't going anywhere.
Tree Tents and Global Warming What an interesting research project.  Trees that would be subject to the effects of global warming are being exposed to those conditions by scientists.  I heard about this on an NPR show this morning.  I learned that when trees such as these die, they release carbon into the atmosphere.  Carbon emissions are one of the factors implicated in global warming.  Thus as the trees (in groves) die, the very thing that caused their death is perpetuated and strengthened. The story refers to the tents as a torture lab.  I hope that you care enough about the planet to want to hear the story and am including the link here.
Diet Quality and Meals Away from Home My research interests include the impact that meals away from home have on the diet quality of Americans.  I will talk more about this in another post.
Cycling Injuries - As a runner who has been cycling more because of a running injury - and not my first or last, I had a thought.  "Do cyclists ever have over use injuries?" It seems like cyclists don't have to stop cycling to heal from an injury like runners often do. So I did a little, informal research.  I was surprised to find that the most common and frequent problem from cycling is knee related.  KNEE - the joint that people always (incorrectly) assume is damaged by running.  The other issue with cycling is related to pressure and lack of blood flow to the perineum and genitalia.  Both of these issues can be corrected or prevented with proper bike adjustment, seat alignment and seat construction. I read an article that suggested that to prevent overuse injuries in cycling a person should start slowly - and slowly was defined as one or two hours a day.  Are you kidding me?  BTW - I have ridden three times this week - all over 2 hours.  I am training for an event, I guess.  But I will be glad to get back to the old me.  Cycling involves too much sitting.  (NOTE:  Runners and Cyclists have falls - but the most serious injuries from falls/crashes are amongst cyclists - and indeed those types of injuries require significant recuperation times)
One for Tobacco - Sadly, a federal appeals court in the US struck down the graphic warning label requirement of the FSPTCA of 2008.  I am quite disappointed.  Last week Australia won a round and this week the Tobacco Industry won one.  Personally, I think the entire world should be a smoke free zone (but tobacco itself - unlit or unheated (without fumes) - is ok with me).