North Carolina, like many states with soaring obesity rates, has a statewide obesity prevention program.  It is called Eat Smart Move More NC.  I am a naive optimist, but I like to think that when a state has such an initiative, all its departments, agencies, forms of government - etc - will work together.  At the very least they would not work against each other.
   So how does the Lottery system play into this?  It's rather bizarre actually and of course, I would be the one to hear the commercial and scratch my head.  Here it goes.
   Full disclosure, I didn't hear the whole commercial.  I missed the beginning. It seems like the narrator was asking people to define what "LUCKY" meant to them.  I heard the last person say, "when I circle around the parking lot for ten minutes and then find a space up front, 'I feel lucky.'"  The narrator then summed up the other responses (the ones I missed).  He said, something like, "If you get the last cookie in the break room cookie jar, or find the prize in your french fries, or get to park close to the store - you are LUCKY."  People who are having this kind of good luck, should "buy a lottery ticket.'
  I was thinking, REALLY?! People who think cookies, french fries and limited physical activity are things to strive for - ought to spend their money on a good health insurance plan.
   Myself - I feel damn lucky that I do not NEED to park close to a building.  I am ever grateful to have full use of my body in order to walk a few steps.