BPA - In the second paragraph of this odds and ends post, I explain the concern about chemical Bisphenol A and note that CT and Canada have banned its use. Unfortunately, the FDA has decided not to do so on a national level.  The reason they offer against the ban is a lack of evidence of a health risk. However, my cynical self cannot help but wonder if the decision was more influenced by the chemical industry.

TB - South Africa is engaging in an experiment or test to determine if short course tuberculosis treatment is as effective as longer treatment. I read about SA in the past few days, but this is not a new idea. I discussed the amended  treatment recommendations here in December of 2011.  If South African health experts see similar results and can then prescribe shorter treatment, physicians will likely see more compliance from their patients.  Compliance = Cure.

Dorm Disconnect - On my way home from a bar the other evening (HA that was fun to say! It was my college group's once a month beer night. I had one.), I went past a new student dorm (high rise).  The first floor was lit up with neon signs.  The signs were advertising the floors occupant >> A Bojangles Restaurant.... .Really??

Digital  - Two things about digital billboards.  The first is specific to to an ad I saw paid for by a law firm.. it said, "Keep your eyes on the road."  Again... Really???  My second thought is two fold..  How much do these revolving digital billboards cost?  How much energy do they consume?