I only have four or five items set aside for tomorrow's Odds and Ends post, so I checked out some trusted websites in search of something easy to post tonight (to conserve my brain).

I went to the RUDD Center for Food Policy and Obesity   where I emailed someone to find out what they heck is going on with the FDA final rule on menu and vending labeling, and then I ventured over to a website in LA County, CA.  
The LA cite has a sugar sweetened beverage calculator.   Here you enter the number of drinks of each type that you consume and it calculates several different measures.  For instance, the packets and pounds of sugar you consume in a week, month and year and how much you might be spending on these beverages.  

I do not drink SSBs (I even make my sports drink with a sugar substitute)- so I made believe I was someone else.  Startling results!

BTW - I do eat sugary snacks (real sugar) but I only have about one a day.

Oh I almost forgot - here is the website and calculator where LA County suggests that you ChooseHealth.  AMEN.