I spoke to my Mom this afternoon and she advised that I give my brain a rest. She also advised that I not burn anything (side story). So as soon as I finish this post, I am off duty and will perhaps, read a few pages in the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel :)

Caffeinated Beverages : Remember that I enjoy caffeine and have noted research studies that highlight it's health promoting properties. I do hope those studies aren't funded by the coffee industry. I would not have even thought that a few years ago, but geez, there is a lot of manipulation out there. But this is not about coffee or soda or even chocolate - it is about alcohol. I imagine that the same people who are likely to drink caffeinated sports drinks or pick me ups like Red Bull would be inclined to drink alcohol that has caffeine in it. This makes me feel a little old, as I eschew both. There are concerns about youth and alcohol and especially youth and alcohol with caffeine in it. I am using the term youth liberally - far more so than I would have when I was in my twenties. So by youth I mean 16 to gosh -30! Ha ha. Well, a state in the USA has banned the sale of any alcohol that contains added caffeine. I do not recall which state it was, and I know it is being contested - but that was not why I wrote myself a note about it. Oh NO - my thought was, "hello? the concern over this is so great as to cause an outright ban but the same state allows the sale of cigarettes?"

Bags: As I was grocery shopping yesterday, and yes, buying produce in the grocery store (sorry) I wondered WHY are these plastic bags for the produce so darn big? They did not used to be this big. It could be because we have supersized our fruits and vegetables along with everything else, OR that the stores think that if they give us really big bags they will look empty if we don't buy more food. Or like me, the shopper might feel like they are wasting that bag - that PLASTIC bag- unless they fill it up. Half the time I just set the produce in my cart without bagging it, but I am not sure how good I feel about that.

Timers: I use a timer when I am studying. I set it for an hour so that I will get up and get the blood pumping through my limbs and such. You understand that I am doing all this research on chronic disease and have learned that sitting for more than one hour at a time not only puts us at risk for blood clots (old news) but also increases our risk of death for any cause - sigh. SO I get up, take a walk, and then sit back down. I use the same timer if I am also cooking, while studying. I must multitask. Last weekend I bought some broccoli rabe at Harris Teeter (not cheap). I had them in a pan to simmer while I worked on a paper. The timer went off, but well - a few more minutes wouldn't hurt. I got up when I smelled smoke. Interestingly, my smoke alarm never went off. The one in my last apartment went off ALL the time and had a voice too. Recall, it said, "Fire - Fire." Anyways, I ruined my expensive produce. When I told Mom I burned my rabes, she said, "you should use a timer."

Ad Blast: Have you noticed that I haven't been blasting any commercials lately? It is because I don't have regular TV anymore. I watch shows on my computer and some Netflix. But two things happened that give me some fodder. I received a coupon packet in the mail and I accidentally was given a local Sunday paper. The coupon packet - for goodness sakes - "multigrain potato chips." Yeah okay. And a probiotic supplement called align. It is supposed to help with digestive balance. I bet it costs a bundle. Remember, fiber is readily found in many low calorie foods, especially grains and Deirdre's famous cereal bars. You do NOT need a Digestive Care probioic supplement. I barely looked at the local paper. I do not have time to read the national paper I pay for. After seeing the quality of writing in this rag my decision to go national was confirmed. I must tell you that the one section I explored contained an article that quoted Jamie Lee Curtis. Ms. Curtis does commercials for a yogurt that has fiber - and she was talking about people and bowel movements. Seriously. She said that people thank her for helping them to become regular.

Now I am done. Time for football and vampires.