I mentioned in one of the little blurbs from last week's Odds and Ends that I was invited to speak at a conference later this month. The name of the conference is the Heart of a Wise Woman. It is being held in Greensboro NC on November 20th if you'd like to come!

All of today and some of yesterday, I spent creating the PowerPoint that will accompany my presentation. I uploaded it to google docs and author stream and the second one seemed to have kept MOST of my formatting and animation (except the sound on the first slide - its a heart beat :)).

Remember, the power point isn't meant to play by itself - the presenter, ME, is responsible for engaging and educating the audience. Still, I am going to share it with you in its first draft form - well, I revised it a time or two, but I am sure it still needs work - my eyes have gone cross eyed at this point. You should be able to access the show by clicking here.

Now, time to relax.