The end of the year brings major holidays from a variety of backgrounds. And a large majority of these holidays will bring families around tables for some of the most impressive - and fattening - dinners of the year. While the high carb, calorie and sugary foods may be tempting and delicious, we should all limit our intake of holiday treats. This can be especially difficult for those with diabetes, as the typical holiday foods do not cater to dietary restrictions. However, you can still have a wonderful time eating with your family this holiday season. Here are some tips from the CDC to help you eat well during the holidays:

At parties and gatherings:
  • You can still enjoy some of your favorite foods, just watch the portion sizes. Load your plate with good things with very small portions of the more fatty foods! 
  • Watch out for "healthy" options with disguised added fats. Hams coated with glazes and vegetables packed with butter or sour cream can hide major calories. Instead, look for plain fresh vegetables and if there are no alternative options, cut the skin off of meats.
  • Choose no sugar added fruit over cakes and pies. 
  • In addition, if you do not know what options will be served, take the initiative to bring your own healthy options. Not only will you give yourself options, you will introduce your family to more healty choices!
In addition, If you are traveling, make sure to get a flu vaccine before you go.
Make sure travel with double your medication just in case there are traveling issues or delays. In addition, make sure you keep up with your exercise regime, and don't be tempted to skip out on them! A little management can go a long way, helping you to still fully enjoy the holidays in a healthy way!

Click here to read the full list of tips provided the CDC