2013 – 2014 Physical Fitness Testing Information

Test Dates
Deadline to Post Scores
October 1 - December 15
January 1
March 1 – May 15
June 1

Is fitness testing mandatory?

Yes.  The Code of Alabama (laws) Alabama Administrative Code (AAC) laws that pertain to education; rule 290-3-1-.02(8)(c)(ii) states:

The Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment must be administered to Grade 2-12 students, including students who receive exemptions from the State Superintendent of Education.  *Fitness data must be reported to the State Department of Education (SDE).

*Meaning scores posted into INow Health in order for the State Department to pull data from a school.

Who is to be tested?

  • All students who are in Grades 2-12 (See AAC)
  • Grade 2 students who are not 8 years of age must be tested but no data reported until they turn 8 years old.
  • Students in Grades 9-12 who have completed the required LIFE course and are taking and coded as taking a physical education elective must be tested and their data posted into INow Health.
  • Students who have a waiver must be tested and their data posted into INow Health.

New and Improved INow reporting procedures!

Before posting any scores into INow Health do the following:
  • Check to make sure teachers have INow Health accessibility
  •  If the reporting piece looks the same from last year, teachers will need to contact the tech coordinator either at the school or central office to make sure that INow has been updated with the summer roll-outs.
  •   Print out a copy of the new reporting procedures from the link below:
          (scroll to the bottom of the page to Additional Links).
  • Watch either the YouTube or Direct Download video for online training on how to post.
Note for IPads or IPhones:  Teachers who have IPads or IPhones will be able to access INow Health from these devices without an app.  Make sure to have a strong WiFi connection in order to access INow Health.  If the device has the ability to open an Excel File, teachers will be able to utilize their device for posting scores.

Once fitness data has been completed and posted into INow Health, teachers are done with the reporting piece. There is no upload process to the school system or State Department of Education. 

Do not send hard copies of scores by mail or email to the State Department of Education!

Teaches who experience difficulty with INow Health need to contact the tech person in their school system for help.  Do not call the State Department for online assistance.

 Cadences and Video Demonstrations

No CDs will be mailed (delivered) to teachers.  Cadences and video clips may be downloaded from http://www.alsde.edu/home/general/hpeinformation.aspx. 

 Teachers who experience difficulty downloading the files may need to follow these steps:
  • Save the files on to their computer. 
  • Once the file is downloaded, open the file and let it play for a few seconds in order for the computer to recognize the file. 
  • Close the file, and then save/burn the file to a CD. 
  • If this procedure does not work, contact the tech person at the school for help.
Several teachers requested that I post the files to the cadences on the blog:


Video Demonstrations