For some time now 37 weeks of pregnancy and beyond has been coined "term" pregnancy meaning it is an ideal time for the baby to be born. That was up until yesterday when new designations were given to the final terms of pregnancy by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Beginning at 37 weeks, the new terms are as follows: 

  • Early Term:  Between 37 weeks 0 days and 38 weeks 6 days
  • Full Term:    Between 39 weeks 0 days and 40 weeks 6 days (Ideal)
  • Late Term:   Between 41 weeks 0 days and 41 weeks 6 days
  • Postterm:     Between 42 weeks 0 days and beyond

The two groups created these new terms to discourage women and doctors from deciding on elective births before 39 weeks. Studies have shown that there is a significant difference in outcomes when comparing babies born at 37 weeks with those born just 2 weeks later. They hope to prevent births before 39 weeks of gestation that are not natural or medically necessary. In the immediate future, it is possible that we will see an increase in healthy births and a gradual reduction in the expense of newborn care. Let us know what you think! Do you think these new terms will have an impact?

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