I read a post today and shared it on Facebook and twitter, but I really like it so I am going to share it here also.  
 I am familiar with the science and the scientists that this blogger refers to, and I trust her interpretation.

I want to add 3 things.

  • Exercise, as I say every chance I get, is essential for good health. One cannot live well without it - and just like medicine, it only works when you 'take it' and you should 'take it' every day.
  • Pay attention to tip number 5.  They are talking about Volumetrics and my personal style of eating (but they don't call it that or refer to me!!}.   Note that there is evidence that what you eat matters to your overall health, if not your waistline.
  • Remember, science is not about facts.  We observe, test, interpret and trust the evidence that we have today.  Someone can observe something different tomorrow.  Science is supposed to be a work in progress, and it is.
Review the post on weight loss tips that are supported by science written by Alice G. Walton HERE.

PS< I am still here!  My dissertation writing is the most insane hardest thing I may have ever done (to be fair, I collected and analyzed my own data  - twice (2 studies) (but can you believe I lack skill in making written arguments!)... anyways, I will be back, sporadically at first and more consistently in the future.