As a future health and physical education teacher it is important to develop an overarching purpose or a philosophy of teaching. My philosophy begins with how people learn about their health and physical skills mainly through what they live. With this view in mind it is essential as an educator to help facilitate this process of self-discovery in such a way that leads EVERYONE to becoming physically educated.

artwork by Jennifer Antane

As an educator it will be my mission to generate or find appropriate ideas, to explain and demonstrate, and to motivate students toward full participation and safe enjoyment of physical activities. It is important that students experience success in PE as their achievements will build their self esteem and encourage them to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity. The benefits of PE extend beyond the physical fitness realm into the intellectual and social-emotional realms. Health and PE are inseparable.

A regular habit of moderate to vigorous physical activity combined with a healthy diet and positive attitude contribute to wellness. Participation in games and sports (however modified) in PE require a development of understanding in concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics. During these activities there is an expectation of responsible personal and social behavior in an inclusive environment.

I have discovered and will gladly share my appreciation and enthusiasm for those who value physical activity  who amaze and inspire many with the challenges they overcame, the unique self-expressions they created and demonstrated benefit to the community.

Yes our world is a beautiful dynamic environment and education must adapt to the ever changing needs of society such as the rising overweight and obesity rates that impact our health. It is my duty to provide students with accurate health information and assistance in determining health risk factors, how they can use nutrition and physical activity to improve their health. In these challenging times I will adapt, improvise and seek new plans in response to changing situations.