A friend shared a smart phone app with me yesterday.  It is called Fooducate.  You can visit the webpage by clicking here.  If you have a smart phone (iphone or android) you can download the free application.  The link was shared with me because I am studying the use of nutrition information in college students and my colleague thought that menu labeling wasn't going to cut it with this age group. (I plan to find out)
I went ahead and downloaded the app to test it out. You can hold your phone's camera lens near the barcode of the food item and it will read it.  Then you are taken to a webpage that gives you information about that product - including calories, saturated fat and even if it has GMOs.
To set up the application on your phone, you enter 6 pieces of information.  One of them is your weight.  When I got to that screen, there was this message "the average woman weighs 160 pounds and the average man weighs 190 pounds."  I am pretty sure it said the average American....  Let me make something very clear - the average weight is overweight or obese - greater than 60% of the US Population falls into this category.  In fact, the NHIS released data reports today that show the obesity rate is at about 30% currently.  Many women who weigh 160 pounds are not at a healthy weight.  Do NOT be comforted or fooled into thinking that  a 'normal' or 'average' weight is good. (I am not speaking to anyone individually here - a healthy weight is determined by your blood work (glucose, cholesterol etc) and blood pressure, physical stamina, physical and mental comfort, etc)
I read the statement re: 160 pounds yesterday and today the NHIS brief was in my mailbox.  I thought that was a neat coincidence. Here is the latest data - in graph form.  This comes from the CDC. 
NOTE: this is one of our Health Indicators... The goal is that white line... we want to be UNDER it.
Remember that excess weight is associated with metabolic dysfuntion.  This puts a person at risk for diabetes and heart disease.  The state of obesity in this country affects children and adults.  It is not okay for our normal to be unhealthy.  Adults are living longer sicker and our youth are expected to have shorter life expectancies than their parents.  Its a serious problem.