Organizations that represent bowling alleys and movie theatres are trying to get the establishments exempted from the National Menu Labeling law.  They do not want to post the calorie content of the items they sell on the menu boards (next to the names and prices).  The photo below was taken at a Florida bowling alley.  I really am curious about the caption.,,. eat like you mean what exactly?   
   At the concession stand of this bowling alley there was a poster advertising a burger combo that you could modify by adding cheese or bacon to the french fries or onion rings, in addition you could add another whole burger - make it a double - for ONLY 2$.  My thought as I stared at this poster was,  I bet if I asked them to keep the extra burger AND the french fries but give me a salad -  they would charge me an EXTRA 5$.  
   YES ?! - and this is  exactly what the barber meant (old post) when he said, "they keep pushing the bad stuff on us, all the time, everywhere."

Like you mean to spend your older years with chronic disease and disability, of course