I want to be sure that I didn't  mislead or confuse you, by referring to this old NHIS question in the last post.

In your opinion which of these are the 2 best ways to lose weight

 Eat fewer calories
 Take diet pills
 Increase physical activity
 Eat NO fat
 Don't eat at bedtime
 Eat grapefruit with each meal
My point was to draw your attention to how things have changed in the last 40 years and what we know today.

In the above list and in any list, the best way to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories consumed.  You must eat less to lose weight - and not because you took a diet pill or because there was grapefruit on your plate.  Limiting saturated fat is a good idea, avoiding trans fat is important. Including healthy oils from plant and fish sources is essential.  The only right answer in that list was related to calories.  BTW, the body doesn't know what time you eat.

 But about the physical activity:

A person who is physically active is less likely to become overweight than a person who is inactive.  A person who is physically active is more likely to keep lost weight from returning than someone who does not engage in physical activity.
A person who meets the recommended levels of physical activity is less likely to die from any cause (over a set time period) than those who do not.  People who exercise regularly are also less likely to become ill from heart disease and some cancers.