Kohls deserves a kudos for its efforts to go paperless.  I don't think that their decision is entirely altruistic as there are several winners and at least one loser from this venture.
    In my last statement from the department store, I was enticed to switch to paperless billing because 1) it was good for the environment - it would reduce waste and conserve resources and 2) it was good for my wallet -  a 10 dollar credit to my account for making the switch.  So good for the planet and good for me.
   Kohls of course will save time and money by not having to print and mail paper statements.  Good for Kohls.
   The US Postal Service, which needs the business, is the loser here.  I guess this also discriminates against persons who do not have access to the Internet or who fear sharing account information via the Internet.  
    Certainly Kohls  reviewed information in its customer database before doing this.  I expect that they found  a high percentage of them do have Internet access and probably use Internet banking.
    Now I have to go sign up because my wallet and my planet are counting on me!
   BTW - this comes just in time. Maybe Kohls can offset the destruction of trees  that occurred in order for us to have the space shuttle on display.