I have written for at least three years that science does not support a health benefit from organic foods or one that are labeled as all natural.  Organic produce may contain less pesticide residue (but you still need to wash what you buy). 
   I cannot locate the post, but I remember recently pointing out that none of the three healthy eating indexes I shared with you (the HEI from the Dietary Guidelines, the AHEI from Harvard and the heart healthy diet defined by AHA)  mention the word organic when making recommendations on what to include in a diet pattern.
   In case you missed it, the networks are abuzz with results of a recent study that confirmed these already known facts.  A new  finding was that non organic meats were more likely to be contaminated from bacteria because of non-medicinal antibiotic use in livestock (creating resistance).  This finding supports the argument for some kind of regulation on the use of antibiotics in animals that are not sick (which I thought we already had).
   Watch the video embedded here or click this link instead. 

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