There are a few people in my family who are active and of healthy weights.  But I suspect that about 70% of my extended family is as overweight and inactive as the overall populations of the USA and similar countries.
  There are consequences to not caring for ones body.  I define 'caring for' as eating the right amounts of the best foods (lean protein, fish, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils), being active everyday and limiting the time spent sitting.
  I got a glimpse of the consequences when I was going out the other afternoon.  In the parking lot of my apartment, I noticed a neighbor (the one who appears to be watching TV all the day long) standing by her car.  A gentlemen bent down and then got back up and they seemed to be a bit stumped.  
   I asked the two older than me adults (60 to 70ish), if I might be of some help to them.  The cover of the fuse box along the side of the wall near to the floorboard had been kicked off.  The woman could not bend down and the man said he wasn't small enough to get in there to see where it went.  They may have both been overweight, but I believe his problem was agility more than size.
   I got on my knees, looked into the car, found the fuse box and snapped on the cover.  The woman said, "Oh I never would have been able to get up."  Then they said something about the advantage I have for being little.
   Not being able to bend down is NOT a normal part of aging.  It is a sign of doing something wrong when you were younger.  Period. 
   Go back and read the part where I defined 'caring for' and do those things.  Start yesterday.