A few days ago, I think in my Odds and Ends post, I mentioned that I had learned that aerosol cans were recyclable in my city - as long as I took off the nozzle and the can was completely empty.  We also have commingling recycling where I live.  That means that plastics, glass, cans, boxes and papers go in the same bin.  My area  has curbside recycling for homeowners and recycling dumpsters for renters.
   Recycling rules are specific to place.  When I lived in Florida, I  had two plastic bins to separate papers from the glass and plastic.  
   You may now be wondering how to keep up with what you can recycle where? (plastic bags have to be recycled at a store and batteries at special drop off sites - for instance).
   You can check with with your city or county websites or you can go to Earth911.com and enter in your zip code to get a list and some rules.  There will soon be a new tool to help you sort this out.  Another label!  It is a good idea though it could be a confusing one.  You may have noticed a triangle with a number in it on your plastics.   That number tells you the type of plastic your product is made of.  Your city or county tells you what numbers are recyclable.  This new label is different from that.
   This new idea is voluntary and it comes from a non profit group - the Sustainable Packing Coalition - click on the name to go to their website. The goal of the labels - which I will show you below - is to give consumers an idea of how likely it is that a particular product is recyclable and if so, where to put it.  Take a look at the photo below - taken from the How 2 Recycle website and feel free to visit this link fore more.