I am preparing for travel tomorrow (including packing my lunchbox) so I will be brief tonight.
   I have been having some pain in my calf and went to see a doctor level physical therapist.   Apparently, muscles get mad when its hot and your tired.  Mine cramped up during a run and then locked up and are in nice little, painful knots right now.
   The doctor, because it is protocol, had to ask me the risk factor questions to rule out a DVT - remember that term? - a blood clot in the vein.   He also did a physical exam which would have indicated such a problem (pain at flexion, swelling, heat).  I do not have a clot, I have knots.  
  Anyway, I wanted to tell you the questions he asked because one of them sort of made me laugh - well, more than one now that I think of it.  They were, 
"Are you on oral contraceptives (birth control)?" 
 "Are you on blood thinners?" 
"Has anything unusual happened, like have you been sick and had to stay in bed two or three days?"  
Yup - it was the last one, to which I replied, "Not in the last ten years."