Yesterday I had my preventative eye exam - with dilation.  I missed last year, but as I fear loss of vision I made the appointment and paid out of pocket for it.  Most everything looked great - healthy.  My vision was slightly worse, a new prescription written, but not one I had to employ right away.
   My biggest concern was the way that my sclera look.  The white part of my eyes.  I have written this here before.... I have pinquela or discoloration.  It is a sign of sun and wind damage i.e like calluses. The optometrist reminded me that I needed to wear sun glasses with UV protection.  I had every intention of getting new sun glasses before he told me that, but it meant more when he did.
   At the same time, I am in Florida and though I am using sunscreen, I am tanning through it.  I actually got a little burn today and that is not a good thing.  My skin turns a beautiful (my perception) golden color in the Florida sun.  People will say, "You have such a nice glow,"  or "Oh, you tan well."  And even as I look in the mirror and think the same things, I also know this...  What we are really seeing is the damage to my skin cells' DNA, which causes the pigmentation to change and puts me at risk for melanoma.  Of course, its like tanning an animal hide.  Think of suede and leather create from the sun.  This UVA/UVB extended exposure puts me at risk for premature aging, wrinkling and sagging skin.  So when people say, "oh you have a tan," what it really means is, "oh look!  Skin damage."