I am a beneficiary of FHE. I come to the FHE daily for classes. Here, many girls of different grades come to study. The teachers here are very good as they help us with our studies and also teach us good manners. They are very nice to us. 
I have learnt many things after I joined FHE. Now, I keep myself, my home and the surroundings clean. I have better health now as we get nutritious food daily after class. The regular medical check-ups help me in staying disease free. 

I study in FHE. I like FHE a lot. Here, we have many facilities. Apart from studies, we are taught manners here. I have changed a lot in the way I behave like my other friends who are in FHE.
We get nutritious food daily and we have a doctor visiting us once in a week. Apart from all these, we get clothes (summer as well as winter), bags and shoes from FHE.
We are all very happy because of FHE.

I feel at home in FHE. It’s a place where I have learnt many things. The teachers here are like gurus for me as they guide us the way ahead. They love us like their own children.
FHE is like a Vidya Mandir (temple of education) for me. Apart from bookish knowledge, I have learnt all the small and big things of life here.
I will always remember FHE and I’ll respect it all my life.

I studied in FHE. Everybody at FHE, the teachers and the students are all good. The FHE center is very beautiful.
FHE has taught us many good things- to respect parents, to love our siblings, to keep the house and surroundings clean, to maintain hygiene etc.
Here, the mothers are taught stitching and also preparing nutritious food for us.
We are healthier now. We are all happy. Thank you FHE.