Sweating and Heart Rate  I saw a woman who appeared to be over 'fat' today.  She was walking in the warm mid morning sun, on a fitness path so I assume she was exercising.  She had on a long sleeve sweat shirt/jacket and long pants that looked elastic or plastic.  She was not carrying any water.  I guess she was trying to make herself sweat more.  I really wanted to talk to her about this.  Instead I express myself here.  Sweating can increase fluid loss and dehydration.  Sure that might equal a pound or two at the end of the day - as well as a headache, risk of dehydration and tachycardia - or rapid heart beat.  This is NOT the increase in heart rate that comes from moderate to vigorous exercise which burns calories and fat!  Instead it is an increase that puts one at risk for serious adverse health outcomes.

Atherosclerosis v Arteriosclerosis  These words are often used interchangeably but that isn't really appropriate because they mean different things.  The first regards narrowing of the arteries - from plaque build up and can also be considered thickening.  The second specifically refers to hardening.  It seems to me that the first could cause the second.  They are both indications of cardiovascular disease and can cause clots/blockages/reduced blood flow(ischemia) and heart attacks.

Sleep  There is an association between sleep duration and quality and weight.  Read more here - HSPH obesity prevention source.

Exercise and Weight  To the extent that exercise is related to what a person weighs, the bigger issue isn't whether or not you burned calories - you did, its whether or not you overcompensated for it by consuming too many afterwards!  I was talking to some one at the pool last week and realized that I exercise 9 days a week - ha ha.  He mentioned that my exercise routine explained why "you look so good."  But it doesn't completely.  Sure, exercise has a lot to do with my composition and tone, but my refraining from eating with the same intensity is what reduces my body fatness.

Food Donations  We are fortunate to have a music in the park series in my town.  At today's event there was also a food drive.  I brought 'my' peanut butter, canned light tuna, lentils and baby corn.  When I set my bag down, I noticed that someone had given macaroni and cheese - in a box.  This is something that has come up at the community meetings I have been attending regarding food insecurity.  People who are forced by circumstance to receive their groceries from food pantries (and our donations) are already at the mercy of  cheap, calorically dense, nutrient poor foods..  So - Really - can't we do better in what we offer them?  Also - donations that require mixing with 'other ingredients' only work if the person has the other ingredients!  (BTW - some pantries  and community kitchens take fresh produce and THAT is awesome)

Healthy Eating Initiative  Question.  Why is the United State's national initiative to improve dietary intake and reduce obesity called, Lets Move?  Answer. Because it is politically safer to encourage exercise than to limit foods.