When I heard news this week that a study found an association between sleep apnea and cancer, [ persons with sleep apnea, compared to those without it, where over 60% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer] I thought.. wait..... is that the statement we need to make?

Because the majority (but not all) of the persons with chronic obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) (stopping breathing while sleeping) are overweight.  Overweight is directly tied to cancer and it is also directly tied to OSA - the problem maybe not OSA but weighing too much.  The National Heart Lung Blood Institute is a good place to get more information.  Click Here.

Many articles and health sources suggest that weight loss can reduce the problem of sleep disturbance and the adverse metabolic changes that occur when one does not get a restful sleep.

This particular article shows a relationship in the rise between obesity and other health related problems including OSA.  It is long past time for the country to eat less.