The Prevention and Public Health Fund which was established through the PPACA - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is in the news today.  It is in jeopardy of being cut or the funds reallocated to pay for the money that will be lost if the student loan interest rate does not double as it is set to do.  

A bill keeping that from happening, the interest rate part, passed the House today (US govt) but may be vetoed because of the issue with the Fund.

The language in the fund, much like language in tobacco settlement laws, allows for the money to be used in ways not originally intended by the statute.

So what is the fund supposed to do and what will we give up if we lose it?

I found this two page handout about the fund, and page two is the interesting part so do check that out.  The group that put the handout together is NOT part of the government or affiliated with the White House.  It as a public health association and members do stand to benefit from the money.
I like that the document offers a link at the end so that people can see how funds are being spent or are set to be spent in their own states. 

You can click on this link to see a map of the USA and click on your state or a state you are interested in to see what the goals for the money are in your area.  For instance, many states are addressing obesity, tobacco use, food safety, immunizations, and work force training, etc. 

I am much more concerned about losing this money than I am about the student loan interest rate rising.  This is for two reasons and YES one is biased because the funds can help me.
1a) I am interested in obesity and tobacco use
1b) I am a student and "in training"
2) The problem with student loans is NOT the interest rate (as I suggested in a recent past post)

Most importantly - please do not let who you like or do not like in politics be the measure of whether or not a program or policy is good for the country.  Do YOUR homework.

(for instance, this cut is not targeted at women - the funds help everyone and will hurt everyone if they are taken away!)