ABA and Self Regulation
The American Beverage Association is airing promotional messages in which they highlight efforts to limit sugar consumption.  I imagine that this is a strategy to push back against SSB taxation.  The ad I saw mentioned more "no" and "low" calorie beverage offerings as well as reduced sizes.

Subway at the 7-11
A friend texted me in disgust yesterday afternoon.  She had just eaten an "800 calorie monstrosity."  She made her choice without the benefit of a menu label and once she got home and looked it up, she realized why I was so passionate about them.  I do not know why there were not labels at the Subway, unless the convenience stores are exempt from the legislation and franchise owners can decide whether or not they are going to participate.  I told my friend that her lunch was half the calories I eat in a whole day when its a high exercise day - AND I eat no less than 7 times a day! (LED)

Gaming and Mental Health
A study which needs replication, showed that youth who played special video games vs youth who received "talk" therapy, did as well or better in reducing their depression.  I would love to see this study used to compare video games and medication because the side effects of psychotropic medications are pretty significant.  Of course, we already have evidence that exercise works as good as medicine for some people, but I guess video games are more enticing.

5 Hr Energy Drink
These commercials are everywhere. I see them when I am watching TV shows on line, when I watch the news, listen to Pandora and even NPR!  Today I heard another which specifically promoted a contest for work sites that use 5 hour energy.   Let me just say - caffeine in coffee has been found to have health benefits, but it's a dose response that is not linear.  In other words, caffeine to a certain point is helpful and over that point, it starts to cause harm.  There is NO research on the benefits of these caffeine drinks.  Also - if one wants to improve work performance - activity breaks should be policy!

Alzheimer's and Exercise 
Guess we can't say it enough this week.  Get Moving.  Not only does what you eat matter, so does what you do.  Persons who exercise on a regular basis (several times a week) appear to be less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's Type dementia than those who do not exercise.  My theory would be that exercise increases oxygen flow which helps to transport free radicals and cholesterol out of the system.  This could reduce plaque build up in the brain- which is one suspected cause of AD.