Diet Pill Warning – why would ya??  I hope you wouldn’t.  A certain batch of diet pills from Japan are said to contain a cancer causing agent called phenolphthalein.

Measuring Fatness – The BMI is an inaccurate measure of fatness, especially for individuals. It is the best we have right now for tracking the weight status of populations.  Some researchers are calling for the use of a DEXA scan or a blood test instead.  The BMI is a math calculation based on height and weight - i.e. it is basically free. We can get height and weight by self report (it may be inaccurate, but most people can tell you their numbers). Otherwise, why not use WHR  - which tends to be more accurate than BMI. Here we would have to measure a persons waist and hip circumference because most people won't be able to articulate this in a phone interview.    I can’t believe researchers would suggest the routine use of  DEXA which costs 100s of dollars and offers some radiation exposure. Blood tests are also expensive and invasive.

What's the fuss – So Mary J Blige and BK got a lot of flack over her singing a song about chicken snack wraps, and the ads have been pulled, temporarily they say.  Are these the same snack wraps I already reviewed for calorie and fat content?  Not sure, so might as well do it again…Oh I think that was McDonalds.  Anyways, BKs wraps have about 400 calories and 6 grams of sat fat.  They are high in sodium also.  I have a feeling that the 400 calories is for one wrap.

Death in Old Age – One of my favorite sayings , by Richard Doll, is  "Death in old age is inevitable, but death before old age is not.”   I think of that when I hear absurd statements like , “he died of natural causes” when someone is in their 50s, like Thomas Kinkade.  It is much more likely that Mike Wallace died of natural causes at 93.