First I would like to direct anyone who missed it back to the 4-18-12 post (yesterday).  The slide show presentation that is accessible here  describes low energy density and the creation of my You Tube channel.  The channel teaches people how to apply the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to real, every day life.

Second, I want to share two of my recent actions/activities with you.  I do this to encourage you to be the one - wherever you are - to speak up, get involved, be the change agent.

1st Scenario:  I am continuing to use the indoor pool on campus.  This semester I have been able to swim once a week.  The other day I finished up a bottle of shampoo and didn't want to put it in the trash can.  My university is pretty forward thinking about sustainability and our chancellor has committed to becoming carbon neutral.  It seemed that a recycling bin in the locker room would be expected. I searched around on our website, not sure which department or person I should contact.  I found the recycling department and here are the emails that followed:
I am writing to request a recycle "can" in the Rosenthal Pool locker rooms, esp the women's.  There is no place for us to recycle our plastic shampoo, body wash, etc etc bottles.
Thanks so much

Sorry for the delay, busy time of year for us.  A recycling container for each locker room will be delivered by the end of the week.
It was there today!  Isn't that cool? I made that happen - I have agency.  I am empowered.  Feels good.

2nd Scenario: I belong to a campus listserv (a listserv is basically an email bulletin board. A group that shares an interest sends out email updates about upcoming events, speakers, opportunities etc).  The listserv to which I refer is for the Office of Leadership and Student Learning, OLSL. Last week the 'mail' included a call for volunteers for the OLSL plots in the campus community garden.  I offered to help - why not!?  Today I planted sun flower seeds, Brussels sprouts, spinach, okra (yuk), squash and more.  This summer I will be around to help water the plants.
I was easily 20 years older than the 3 or 4 others that showed up to help today.  The thing is, I did not have the confidence and self esteem to volunteer for anything (without knowing that my friends would be there too) when I was young.  I am making up for that now. I embrace opportunity. I hope that you will do the same.  If your young, don't wait.  If your older, don't wait. :)