The preparation for this episode of the Odds and Ends began with a note about an advertisement that I saw while watching a show that was 'sponsored' by Weight Watchers.  Things seemed to spiral from there and my notes for the week center on foods - unhealthy ones at that... so this is my fast food odds and ends.

Pizza Hut - This is the one that started it all.  Immediately following the statement, "this show is brought to you by Weight Watchers," a commercial for a pizza dinner in a box with a dozen bread sticks followed.  Why do you need bread sticks with pizza?

KFC - I have seen some ads for a chicken pot pie from Kentucky Friend Chicken.  I looked up the dish - and it has 790 calories.  (that's a big lunch)

Wendy's - It is that time of year - lent.  Fish is in. Wendy's is promoting its Premium Cod Filet pretty heavily.  I was intrigued by the ads because they make statements about people who really love fish going to Wendy's for this sandwich.  I keep thinking, "really?"  I don't know about you, but when I think of great fish, I do not think of Wendy's.  So I looked up the sandwich and found this great review from another blogger.  Also - the sandwich has 510 calories - again - that is a lot for a sandwich.  I was curious, how would a Red Lobster fish sandwich compare - I expected better - but it was worse - 730 calories.  Of course, it may be bigger.

Chik-fil-A - Ok - this blurb was not inspired by a commercial.  On Thursday, I was walking across campus eating my egg sandwich that I had made at home.  It is made with flat bread and has a slice of fat free cheese.  You can see how I make it here.  It is really, really good.  It has 105 calories (leaving room for my fruit and cereal bar). I passed a young lady who was eating something out of a Chik fil A bag and I thought - oh man, I could save you so many calories.  I searched the Chik-fil-A  website's breakfast section to see if I could find what she was eating, but I really couldn't say.  They do serve a chicken biscuit which has 440 calories - but I also saw that a plain biscuit had 310 calories.  That is nuts.

Nutrasystem - Not a fast food reference, but I also saw some of their commercials this week.  I just have to say - having food sent to you in the mail so you can add water to reconstitute it is NOT real life.

(disclaimer - I see a lot of ads in the one or two hours of online TV I watch at night - I do NOT watch a lot of TV!)

Again - WHY do you need breadsticks with pizza?