Weight Watcher's Meals - In the convenience section of my local grocer, i.e. the deli, I noticed  Weight Watchers (TM)  single serving microwavable meals.  Costly, but calorically sensible.  Choose these over sandwiches and you're likely to make the better choice.

Listen - Unlike many people, perhaps some of you included, I am much more likely to follow my health promoting routine or lifestyle as it is encrypted in my head than to make day to day decisions based on how my body feels.  This week, I had two occasions which challenged my rigidity and I listened.  One of them involved feeling that a running related muscle pain (old injury) was speaking a little louder than usual.  I believe that was Wednesday.  It was also forecast to be a cold and rainy day. I listened to my body.  I did not run on Wednesday but chose an alternative cardio activity that would not work my muscles in the same way and which took place inside.  On Thursday, the day I ran in place of Wednesday, I noticed that my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from Monday's weight training session had not truly abated.  If my muscles were still that sore, they needed more rest (so that I could work them hard again, as that is how muscles strengthen and grow).  I did my weight routine on Friday instead.  SO- if I can be more attentive and smart, so can you. You may have the opposite problem however - not feeling like sticking to any sort of routine whatsoever, esp. if your body is telling you it is tired.  Sometimes the weary feeling comes from lack of activity - so GET GOING.

Hostess - Ah - the bakery company is filing bankruptcy or bankruptcy protection.  I heard a joke on the radio in regards to the absurdity of a snack food company going bankrupt in AMERICA, but my thoughts on hearing the news were different.  I thought, "Hmm > that is because they charge too darn much for the 100 calorie cupcakes and I cannot afford to but them!"

Vegetables Ahead - Yesterday I roasted (baked in the oven) two bags of frozen cut green beans (with onion powder and thyme), a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts (first time I bought frozen - better price, better quality) with red pepper flakes and curry powder (because I was out of ginger), I cut a yam into three pieces and boiled it, and I cut, cleaned and baked a spaghetti squash (to add garlic powder and Parmesan cheese with I reheat it later) and I think that is about it!  I am ready for the week ahead.  I portioned the veggies out and froze them.

Give the Man... (NO)  Today was a great day in that my favorite football team, the NY Giants won their division and are on their way to the NFC championship.  When the game is on any channel other than NBC (which airs it live online!), I can only listen on the radio. I have a favorite radio station out of NY and I like the announcers.  However, when a NY Giant has a great play, one of the show's sponsors gives them an award - I can't remember the name of the business, but the announcer says that so and so gets the (business name)"Give the Man a Cigar" award.  Boo - cigars are full of toxins and I don't want my awesome men of Big Blue to get a lung disease !!