I am most pleased to report that progress continues in the informed eating arena. 

This past week several hundred public health educators, researchers, policy makers and the like, met in Jackson Mississippi for the Global Obesity Summit.  It ended today so the presentations are not yet available.  I saw that Kenneth Cooper was there - sigh - as I was not.

In the popular press, stories abound about a statement that our HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made while at this conference.  She reported on the progress of voluntary front of package nutrition labeling for processed or grocery store foods.  This will be accompanied by an industry created educational campaign about the labels. 

This is exactly what I have been writing about for one of my classes, so - hmm, day late and dollar short on that one -

Here is the website for the food industry announcement - it may not be perfect and of course, the bottom line for the food industry is profit, but maybe they are considering their impact on the other Ps - people and planet?  Let us hope in altruism.