WOW - My notes for each point are two words at the most - I may not be able to make a cohesive post out of them!

Blair Underwood - I noticed that Mr. Underwood, an actor, is now a spokesperson for a new sweetener (product) that claims to be  natural and promotes health in numerous ways.  The ingredient list does not sound very natural, except that the first ingredient is inulin which comes from a plant (many plants have it actually) and has some protective properties.  This however does NOT mean that the processed supplement itself would be health promoting and I am pretty sure that its cost would be prohibitive to most.  The high price may be necessary to pay a famous spokesperson.  A box of Susta with 50 single serve packets is about five dollars. (Oh and I say the same thing here as I did with Stevia - if you want fiber - eat fruits,veggies and whole grains)

GSK/Wellbutrin - At some point this week I read about GlaxoSmithKline and its drug Wellbutrin.  This drug has been around for a while and is an antidepressant.  When the same drug is prescribed for smoking cessation it is called Zyban.  One of the side effects of the drugs is that it dulls appetite.  In fact, as people who quit smoking may initially gain five or so pounds, treatment professionals often point out that there is less weight gain when quitters are on welbutrin/zyban.  Apparently, the company tried to market welbutrin as a weight loss drug.  That is off label use and cannot be encouraged through marketing.  (studies on dose, efficacy and safety for weight loss have not been done OR have not been submitted to the FDA)

Let them eat Chicken Nuggets -  Most seriously - a friend shared this story with me.  Her MIL of 15 or so years has always frowned on the healthy cooking that goes on in her son's home.  When she visits she brings candy and junk and often takes the kids to fast food restaurants.  My friend, hoping to counteract some of this damage, makes sure to always have ample amounts of fresh fruit on the dinner table.  At the last visit, the kids were given chicken nuggets from McDs (sometimes my friend will make them from scratch and her children are used to them and LIKE them that way).   On the table was a bowl of fresh strawberries.  The MIL aka Grandma told the kids to "stop eating those berries and eat your chicken nuggets!"

Water and Drugs -  A couple years ago, when the first murmurings of prescription drug water contamination began, my brother in law suggested it was an exaggeration by environmentalists.  He is a smart and health conscious guy, but I think he was wrong on this one.  Federal, state and local governments are encouraging proper disposal of drugs and even set aside special days and locations to dispose of unwanted, used or needed drugs. I am going to link four different websites for you that have addressed this in the last two years.  This first is an article published in the American Academy of Pediatrics (the links they promote do not work from there, but I found them for you :)), the second is the White House Drug Policy statement, then the FDAs suggestions and lastly, a non government website, SMARxT Disposal.  Please pay attention and do your part to keep drugs out of our water and soil.