There is a push for front of package nutrient content information and it looks like it is going to happen. Unfortunately, it also looks like sugar content may not be as readily available. Some say this is due to the difficulty in capturing and quantifying the full amount of sugar - others say, and I am beginning to believe them, that the sugar or beet industry from which some of our sugar is produced, is fighting this part of the so far voluntary action, because they do not want to lose business.

When I see things like this, the positive part, the labeling, I realize that all my little ideas are 1) not impossible and 2) not unique!

Anyone remember when I was doing my MPH internship at the Sarasota Health Department (January 2007)? They did a phenomenal job of getting stickers on the vending machine items to designate healthy options and I pushed for putting the items in backwards so we could read the labels before we chose an item. That didn't happen of course, (no one listens to interns) , but if we have front of package food labels - TADA - problem solved!

Okay, just wanted to touch base, let you guys know I hadn't forgotten you and as my greatest passion, within the obesity prevention realm, is Informed Eating - I had to make a statement on this latest step in that direction.