Study results that you may have seen or heard in the popular media this week might include these: Moderate tobacco (smoking only) use in middle age can substantially increase the risk of both vascular and Alzheimer's type dementia. This is not ground breaking data. We (scientists and those who consume science) have known for some time that smoking is one of the modifiable or changeable behaviors that affect this disease risk. This is ANOTHER study and so it adds weight.

I am a health education specialist and I KNOW that I can not scare anyone out of an addiction - but I want to make this statement in the hopes that it might frighten a smoker into seeking treatment for that addiction (nicotine) or for quitting on their own, which is harder, though not impossible. If you love a smoker - you can't make them quit either - sorry fact of life, that one is.

I digress:

If you were told you that you could do something that would significantly reduce the odds of getting a disease that literally left gaping holes in the brain - wouldn't you want to do it? Quitting smoking IS that thing - and there are others - so eat well, exercise daily and don't smoke - and that isn't all....... laugh, love, learn, hug, play :)